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Hair Repro EX GF Essence F

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HairRepro EX GF Essence F is a fullerene-infused luxurious SKIN Serum, exclusively developed by Aderans. Our hero ingredient here is patented Fullerene Nanomaterials which won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry and has excellent antioxidant effects 172 times greater than vitamin C. After Fullerene work its antioxidant magic, a blend of must-have anti-aging essence like hyaluronic acid, collagen, and placental extract help eliminate appearance of fine lines and pores, leaving your skin smooth with translucency and hydration to reveal younger looking skin.

It is recommended for those who wants to improve dry skin and fine line, and also ideal for those who do not have time to go to salon and would rather doing face care at home. It is definitely a best pick for you!

【Features of Fullerene】

  • Thanks to its excellent antioxidant property, it helps protect the skin from free redicals.
  • It boost 172 times the potency of vitamin C
  • It can be absorbed by the skin easily, especially when paired with other skin care products.
  • It can balance oil production.

【How to use】

  • Apply an appropriate amount to the clean and dry face.
  • Recommended to use together with Beaustage Vegas Premium for deeply taking care of your entire skin.

【Feedback from the users】

  • It makes my skin more transparent.
  • My acne started to disappear.
  • My wrinkles have gone.
  • Skin pores become less noticeable

※ 0% of fragrance and colorants
※ More info about fullerence, Please click here.

Made in Japan