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Aderans is the No.1 total hair solution company in Japan!!

Founded in 1968, Aderans – Total Hair Solutions, the market leader of hair services from Japan, has 829 stores worldwide, of which 506 are in Japan and another 323 across North America, Europe, and Asia. Providing one-stop services including hair care, styling, hair growth and wigs, Aderans keeps expanding its presence globally and debuted its first store in Hong Kong and new SIAM Takashimaya store in Bangkok, repectively in September 2017 and in November 2018.

Aderans Corporate HP:  https://www.aderans.co.jp/corporate/english/


Established in 2002 as a wholly-owned subsidiary company, Aderans Singapore bought the existing Fortune Wigs to run its retail operations. At the same time it opened a stand-alone hair centre for individual client consultations, fitting of custom-made wigs and hairpieces, as well as hair treatment / hair spa services. Located at 360 Orchard Road #02-03/04 International Building, the spacious hair centre is well-equipped with private full-service rooms.

Undoubtedly the signature Aderans service is providing men, women and children who have problems with hair loss due to some physical health/ ailments, or hereditary state. With almost 40 years of experience in the hair-care industry, the expert Japanese-trained staff are able to guide and offer clients the best options available for their individual needs. These include a free try-on or fitting of hair pieces most suitable for them, lending them some confidence to the effectiveness of the process. Aderans hair pieces are fashioned from either real human hair, or the superlative option of Cyberhair®; both available in a large assortment of colours, styles and textures. Upon confirmation of a hair piece, clients go through a thorough and precise fitting process which starts with a resin mould that is specifically marked and measured for them. This is then air-couriered to the regional Aderans factory where the hair piece is individually cut, hand-woven, sewn and finished as per order. On completion after some four to six weeks, the finished hair piece is flown back here where is it fitted and trimmed to perfection on the client. Advice and instructions are given on how to care for and maintain the hair piece.

Aderans Singapore HP:  https://www.aderans.com.sg/

Fortune Wigs by Aderans Singapore HP:  https://www.fortunewigs.com.sg/


At Aderans, we don’t just sell products, we try to understand and provide answers to our customers’ needs and concerns through counselling. A counsellor may direct the conversation to ask a customer about his or her hobbies and interests, or even future dreams, in order to respond to a problem, whether it may concern hair or something much deeper. It is the bonds that counsellors develop with customers that allow them to offer a total approach to their wellness.  It is the one-on-one counselling that distinguishes Aderans as a company that truly cares about their clients, both with their hair care needs and with their overall well-being.


We understand that it takes a lot of courage for our customers to contact us and subsequently place their trust in us. That is precisely why we make every effort to understand the customers’ perspectives and always take that into consideration when addressing their concerns. At Aderans, we believe this to be genuine customer consideration. We take great measures to ensure our customer’s privacy, such as providing separate rooms for individual counselling and not mentioning our company name when making contact with the customer via telephone.


At Aderans, we understand there are different requirements and expectations from each customer, thus, in order to satisfy customers’ needs. We have various types of custom-made hair-pieces, to suit both our male and female customers to ensure customer satisfaction. Apart from our hair replacement services, we also provide hair spa services to rejuvenate hair damaged by chemicals from hair perming and colouring, rebonding, etc., and hair support services to enhance scalp and hair health as well as to treat hair loss problems. Our products are guaranteed of superior quality.