✨Hair Volume Powder Set ✨ HairPlus Speed E Premium (Color: Black) + Mist Hairspray

✨Hair Volume Powder Set ✨ HairPlus Speed E Premium (Color: Black) + Mist Hairspray

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Here is Aderans Best Combo Product :
HairPlus Speed E Premium 『Volumizing Hair Powder and Finishing Mist Hairspray

Aderans HairPlus SPEED E Premium is a Volume-Boosting Powder which can be sprinkled wherever you care most, and its feature of long and narrow fibers "3D Sensor Hair" will adhere to the hair with static electricity, which helps get comparatively fuller and voluminous look instantly.

Used along with ≪HairPlus Speed E Premium Mist Hairspray≫ after applying Volumizing Hair Power (Color: Black), which can make it even much harder to be removed by Rain, Wind or Sweat!

However, it can be washed away by shampoo or soap with the greatest of ease!


  • user-friendly handy design
  • quick results
  • adjustable powder output
  • visible and traceable remaining quantity (on the side of bottle)
  • long-lasting hold and natural look
  • easily removed by shampoo or soap
  • available in 2 different colors: Black and Dark Brown
  • Volume: 30g (Powder), 150ml (HairSpray)
  • Product Origin: JAPAN

How to use

  1. Before use, please cover your clothes with a towel in order not to spill on your clothes.
  2. Sprinkle it on the dry hair and where you care most.
  3. Post the application of this volume-boosting powder directly onto the hair/roots, lightly tapping a few shakes on the hair to blend powder with hair without using any comb and brush.




Another Demo Video for Water-Resistance


In the morning: using our HairPlus Speed E to boost your hair volume instantly. 

At night: caring your scalp for new hair to grow with our Hair Growth Serum.