Aderans hair growth tonic for men
Hair Repro Scalp Grow F V4
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Hair Repro Scalp Grow F V4

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Aderans HairRepro Scalp Grow for men is a Hair-Growth Tonic exclusively crafted for Hair Loss and Thinning Hair! 

A powerful blend of 3 active ingredients (*) in our hair-growth tonic helps stimulate hair growth effectively, creating a healthy environment for hair to grow. Packed with natural botanical extracts, such as Loquat Leaf Extract, Glycyrrhiza leaf and Hops Extract to improve hair growth cycle, focusing on Hair-Growth factor, especially our star ingredient - Loquat leaf extract is good to strengthen hair roots, promoting hair growth and boosting the natural healing power of the scalp. Soybean Seed extract and other naturally-derived extracts are additionally infused in the formula to condition and moisturize your scalp.

Aderans HairRepro Hair-Growth Tonic is the BEST PICK for you! 

It comes with a convenient dropper, so it is easy to apply it in smaller, more concentrated areas or to the entire scalp. Then, use the fingertips of both hands to apply light to medium pressure to your scalp, moving in small circles, massaging your entire scalp.


  • works on creating healthy environment scalp, promoting hair growth effectively
  • supports the optimization of hair growth cycle
  • increases bounce and resilience of the hair

【How to use】

  • Applying it to dry hair twice a day (in the morning and at night) is recommended.

【Other Infos】
(*): cepharanthine、panthenol、nicotinamide


Made in Japan

More Details: Aderans Official Website