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Hair Repro Scalp Cleansing EX V4

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Healthy scalp means healthy hair! A proper scalp care is essential for the resilient hair strands and can help curb dandruff, hair loss. Inflammation and other hair issues! 

HairRepro Salon-Quality Scalp Cleansing is specifically designed to remove impurities, deeply purifying and moisturizing your scalp. 

It contains 3 active ingredients (*) which can pull the stubborn build-up & dirt from the scalp to make them easier to clean away, and additionally infuses a combo of charcoal (the active ingredient that effectively and gently absorbs dirt) and citron ceramide (the moisturizing ingredient that properly smooths away dryness and keeps the moisture levels balanced ) to gently cleanse impurities while keeping your scalp moisturized. 

【How to use】
Use 2-3 times a week before shampooing, apply it to the entire scalp and leave it for 1-2 minutes, then rinse with water.

【Other Infos】

  • Active moisturizing ingredients: citron ceramide, rosemary extract, apricot juice, sea glass extract, cork tree bark extract etc.

(*): diisopropyl sebacic acid, dipropylene glycol, glycyrrhizic acid 


Made in Japan