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Benefage Moisture Control Shampoo EX V4

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This moisturizing shampoo is blended with more than 14 kinds of natural ingredients(*) that deeply nourishes your hair from the root to the ends, making your hair healthier, bouncier and softer. Moreover, 11 kinds of amino acids (**) help add glossy for hair that looks shiny and moisturized. The gentle formula can be used for a daily cleanse, which is ideal if you are a frequent washer. Highly recommened for those who want to beat the dry and hydrate hair strands by washing hair gently with a great amount of lather. 


(*) organic ingredients: bamboo extract, plum extract, rehmannia root extract, fermented royal jelly, soybean essence, hydrangea tea extract, black tea extract, seaweed extract, lithospermum root extract etc.
(**)Amino acid: arginine, aspartic acid, L-valine, glycine, proline etc.

Made in Japan