Beaustage Vegas Premium - Pink

Beaustage Vegas Premium - Pink

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Aderans Vegas Premium: Medium-and High Frequency, Micro Vibration tech-driven at-home Beauty Machine for Skin Care, Eye Care and Scalp Care 


Aderans Vegas Premium not only transmits 90kHz medium-and high frequency waves, which gently warms your skin, but also delivers intermittent tiny and energetic micro-currents with delicate pulsations to make you feel of a manual massage like Asian fingertip tapping, which can help you relieve both facial and head muscle tension, and also improve your face shape.

Plus, With built-in RED LED (620nm wavelength) skin care function, it can promote a healthy skin, help generate collagen and restore skin rejuvenation

You can use this device together with your favorite serum or our exclusive face and scalp serum to help with the absorption, allowing essence of skin care products to penetrate deeply into skin cells. 


 ( Our Face & Scalp Essences is formulated with patented original ingredient - Fullerene Nanomaterial which has excellent antioxidant effects 172 times greater than vitamin C ) 



  • Adjustable intensity, safe vibration, non-invasive
  • Non-invasive
  • Perfect for under eye skin care, face care and scalp care
  • Handy, easy to carry for travel
  • Easy to use
  • Chargeable with USB
  • Titanium-made electrode sections also suitable for sensitive skin

 ※The product is warranted for a period of one year. 

Made in Japan