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HairRepro Scalp Grow F EX V5

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HairRepro Scalp Grow F EX is a Hair Growth Serum essentially designed to improve the symptom of aging and stimulate hair growth. This powerful hair growth serum is exclusively formulated with 4 kinds of active ingredients and 13 kinds of natural ingredients to help create a healthy scalp condition for hair regeneration. 


  • High Salon-Quality Hair Growth Agent
  • Formulated with 4 kinds of active ingredients to maintain healthy scalp condition
  • 13 kinds of plant-derived ingredients work to curb symptom of aging and proliferate hair papilla cell
  • 0% of paraben, silicone, fragrance, colorants, mineral oil and phenoxyethanol

【Who it is for】

  • For those who care about thinning hair and want to promote hair growth
  • For those who want to prevent hair loss and symptom of aging
  • For those who have itchy scalp

【Active Ingredients】

  • Stephania Cepharantha Root Extract– improves blood circulation while boosting hair growth
  • Celery stem extract and Rutin – helps in hair growth and improving the texture of hair with anti-aging effect
  • Hops extract/licorice leaf extract – helps proliferate hair papilla cell 
  • Saccharomyces/barley seed ferment filtrate extract – prevents gray hair due to stress and help generate melanin

【How to use】

  • Use it after shampooing and drying your hair. Divide hair into small sections and apply small amounts with fingertips over the entire scalp. After applying the serum, gently massage the scalp. No rinsing needed.
  • Use twice a day (in the morning and at night) is recommended. 

Made in Japan